Development & Builder Essentials
Basic Residential-1 Requirements
Minimum Lot Area-One acre
Minimum Area of Dwelling- 2000 square feet
Minimum Lot Width- 150 feet
Minimum Frontage on Cul-De-Sac or Turnaround- 60 feet
Minimum Lot Area Per Dwelling- One acre

Minimum Front Yard Setback From Street Right Of Way:
For all principal buildings and uses- 75 feet
For all accessory buildings and uses- 100 feet

Minimum Side Yard Setback From A Street Right Of Way For All Buildings and Uses- 45 feet

Minimum Side Yard Setback:
From an interior lot line for all principal uses- 35 feet
For All Accessory Uses- 10 feet

Maximum Height For Principal Uses- 35 feet
Maximum Height For Accessory Uses- 15 feet

Subdivision and Zoning Ordinances
We encourage developers to examine the following:

Subdivision Regulations-

Ordinance 2000-7- Original ordinance
Ordinance 2003-64- Procedures and fees for plats
Ordinance 2003-65- Maintenance bond requirements
Ordinance 2003-66- Reimbursement of engineering costs
Ordinance 2003-67- Ingress/egress requirements along major thorougfares
Ordinance 2003-74- Requiring lots to face interior subdivision streets
Ordinance 2007-12- Requiring curvilinear streets

Zoning Regulations-

Ordinance 1999-08- Original ordinance
Ordinance 2000-12- Pool fence height 4 ft.
Ordinance 2001-18- Materials & masonry requirements
Ordinance 2003-61- Planned development districts
Ordinance 2003-62- Meeting TxDOT ingress/egress requirements
Ordinance 2003-63- 180 day permit limit w/ one possible 90 day extension
Ordinance 2007-06- Zoning map
Ordinance 2007-08- Prohibiting billboards
Ordinance 2007-11- Multi-family category, 35 ft. side set back, masonry materials/requirements, subdivision/commercial entries, accessory buildings/garages, screening commercial from residential
Ordinance 2008-04- All residential exteriors 90% masonry