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County, school district and other local officials; including Mayor Frank Garrison and city staff, participate in a periodic conference call on the current situation and plans for a COVID-19 response. Currently most county and local declarations have been allowed to expire since the State of Texas declarations cover all areas in a similar manner. We are currently covered by Executive Order GA-14 which runs through April 30. 

Dr. Ben Brashear, Kaufman County medical advisor,  stated a coronavirus like COVID-19 spreads by expended water droplets which do not remain airborne for an extended period. Consequently, social distancing at the recommended six feet significantly deters community spreading. Dr. Brashear also recommended those with symptoms first contact primary care from home rather than traveling to a medical office. Those assisting a potentially infected patient with complicating factors leading to hospitalization should ensure the hospital receives advance notification so a space and staff can be prepared for the person's arrival.

Kaufman County Emergency Management Coordinator Steve Howie recommended entities incurring costs related to COVID-19 prevention maintain an itemized list to facilitate potential reimbursement. Howie also reported the county will implement existing plans when specified trigger points are reached.

For updated information on local cases and declarations, check the county website or contact the county emergency response staff at oem@kaufmancounty.net