Development & Builder Essentials
Basic Single Family Residential 1 Acre Requirements
Minimum Lot Area-One acre
Minimum Area of Dwelling- 2500 square feet
Minimum Lot Width- 150 feet
Minimum Frontage on Cul-De-Sac or Turnaround- 60 feet
Minimum Lot Area Per Dwelling- One acre

Minimum Front Yard Setback From Street Right Of Way:
For all principal buildings and uses- 75 feet
For all accessory buildings and uses- 100 feet

Minimum Side Yard Setback From A Street Right Of Way For All Buildings and Uses- 45 feet

Minimum Side Yard Setback:
From an interior lot line for all principal uses- 45 feet, 3 stories
For All Accessory Uses- 10 feet

Maximum Height For Principal Uses- 35 feet
Maximum Height For Accessory Uses- 15 feet


Ordinance 2021-05 updated requirements and includes provisions for residential categories smaller than one acre. The smallest lots  included are 8500 square feet in developments where all lots average 9250 square feet and the minimum square footage is 2250 square feet. These and other single family or multifamily areas can only be considered when part of development including wastewater treatment facilities. The ordinance also includes more commercial categories. 

The City utilizes the most recent versions of the International Code Package and National Electric Code. 

Subdivision and Zoning Ordinances
We encourage developers to examine the following:

Subdivision Regulations-

Ordinance 2000-7- Original ordinance
Ordinance 2003-64- Procedures and fees for plats
Ordinance 2003-65- Maintenance bond requirements
Ordinance 2003-66- Reimbursement of engineering costs
Ordinance 2003-67- Ingress/egress requirements along major thorougfares
Ordinance 2003-74- Requiring lots to face interior subdivision streets
Ordinance 2007-12- Requiring curvilinear streets
Ordinance 2022-05- Dedicating public streets, alleys and right-of-ways for HOA maintenance


Zoning Regulations-

Ordinance 1999-08- Original ordinance
Ordinance 2000-12- Pool fence height 4 ft.
Ordinance 2001-18- Materials & masonry requirements
Ordinance 2003-61- Planned development districts
Ordinance 2003-62- Meeting TxDOT ingress/egress requirements
Ordinance 2003-63- 180 day permit limit w/ one possible 90 day extension
Ordinance 2007-06- Zoning map
Ordinance 2007-08- Prohibiting billboards
Ordinance 2007-11- Multi-family category, 35 ft. side set back, masonry materials/requirements, subdivision/commercial entries, accessory buildings/garages, screening commercial from residential
Ordinance 2008-04- All residential exteriors 90% masonry

Ordinance 2021-05- Major update to zoning categories and requirements